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*During the night, Tewi's bunnies were busy, putting up posters on everyone's door and on many telephone poles in Mayfield. When you get up, you will find this on your door.

Click for poster )

At the specified times, Tewi is waiting in her bar, a bunch of clothes behind her on a rack, with a huge smile on her face.*
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*Tewi can be found at her bar "the sexy Bunny" She is making drinks for anyone that wants a late night drink. She is also training Yuuka here. She has made a nice waitress outfit for Yuuka, but the skirt is a bit small, and it shows cleavage. To anyone that enters Tewi smiles.*

Welcome to The Sexy Bunny! Please sit down and Yuuka will take your order.
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*In Mayfield, little posters have been put into everyone's Mailboxes.*

"Tired of Drinking at a crummy bar?
Don't want to Pay those huge prices?
Want to drink with both men and woman?

Then Come to The Sexy Bunny. We have all the drinks for half the price.
Come relax with your fellow citizens, away from the drones, and relax like you would back at home.
Woman, children and pets also welcome!

Located in the Back Yard of 342 Brady Lane"

*If anyone goes to the location, a decently sized club house has been built in the back yard. It could easily fit 20 people in it. They have a full bar table, and Jukebox, and plenty of tables. Behind the bar Is Tewi, cleaning some shot glasses and in a very nice bartender outfit. She seems to have gotten a large amount of alcohol from somewhere. If you walk in, a bunny takes your coat and hat and leads you to the bar, where Tewi smiles at you.*

What can I get you?


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