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Name:Tewi Inaba
Birthdate:Aug 13

Mayfield Regains:

Bunny Ears and Tail: Just as it sounds. Her ears and tail are not as sensitive as Reisen's, but will still hurt if handled poorly.

Bunnies: Tewi is the leader of the Earth Youkai Bunnies. Some of those bunnies have returned here. They look like the bunnies in Tewi's icons. They can also talk, fly, and shoot danmaku. Small Text means a bunny is speaking.

Basic Danmaku: The same thing every person from Touhou can do.

Good Luck. Tewi has the ability to give Good luck to people. How it will work in mayfield, is that she can give good luck for an hour. It may or may not affect them with regards to NPCs and escape attempts, you'll have to wait and see (and specify the effect when you're using it in such an attempt)

Flight: Tewi can Fly at a decent speed.

Youkai Body: Tewi now has the durability, speed, and strength of a Youkai, though her speed is high then most and her strength lower. She also can't be cured by human medicines.

Interests (4):

being lazy, teasing reisen, tormenting reisen, tricking reisen
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