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CONTACT: AIM: zferolie
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NAME: Tei “Tewi” Inaba
CANON: Touhou Project
AGE: 12
GENDER: Female
YEAR IN SCHOOL/FACULTY POSITION: 1st Year middle school.


PERSONALITY: Tewi Inaba is a complex person. While she is very old, she does act very childlike. She almost always seems happy and curious. She likes to wander around and try to find things that will amuse her. What amuses her, however, comes from tricking, scamming, or teasing others.

Tewi is a prankster, with her most often target being Reisen. Her pranks range from pitfalls, to giving people the wrong condiment/ingredient/potion/ect, to eating others food, pushing people into holes/lakes, and many others. She would never do any malice pranks, or pranks that would really hurt someone. If a prank goes bad and hurts someone, she can feel guilt, and will apologize to the person. She is willing to prank anyone, but here is how it works in the Eientei household. Kaguya - They're very alike in some ways. They will likely conspire to prank Eirin or Reisen. There’s definitely a friendship there. Eirin - almost maternal-based respect, it seems. She's not above tricking her, though, obviously. Reisen - She's closest to Reisen, and will focus her pranks on her, but Reisen's also her "favorite" in the group, so she's friendly to her as well. To anyone else in Gensokyo, it’s far game. Even the really powerful ones she will prank, but will be really careful not to get caught.

Tewi is also a scammer. She has scammed quite a few people in Gensokyo, since she has the intelligence for it. One time, she went door to door say she was collecting donations for the Hakurai Shrine. People gave her money, but the shrine never received the money. When confronted by this, she said that even if she’s scamming them, they will get some happiness, since they are donating. Since she can give people good luck, people are more inclined to give money, hoping for some of that luck. Later though she says all that was a lie, and most likely never gave anyone good luck. She seems to use this money to buy herself food and toys, or to further increase her scams and money making ability.

Tewi also cares for her family, even if she scams/pranks them. She will defend her family with force if need be. Even though she is not really related to any other member of Eientei, and that she was living in the forest way before they even moved there, she has gotten close to them like a real family. She also is not cruel, and will step in if she sees something very bad going down, like a youkai about to eat a little girl. She would propose a way to save the girl and get food for the youkai at the same time. She is thinking long term as well when she helps people. She is quite good at calculating how something can turn in for her favor in the future, even if she may come out with a lose at the present.

Tewi, thanks to her rabbit mutation, has enhanced speed, hearing, and jumping ability. She can run at 30 miles an hour, and can sprint to 50. She can jump about 13 feet into the air, and can hear even the quietest whispers 3 rooms away… if she focuses.

Her main power is probability manipulation. It is quite similar to Domino’s power, but she doesn’t have that sort of power or control yet. . She can only effect other people once a day, and only if she really focuses. She seems to be able to have a good luck aura effecting her, but if she is distracted, upset, or stunned, it dissipates, and she seems to have bad luck until she can focus herself.

Tei, was born in a middle class family, and like her last name implies, her parents had many kids. She is the oldest one of 10. The family was able to survive and had plenty of food and clothes, but they had no extra money for toys and expensive gadgets. Tei, wanting to get money for a carrot necklace she liked, tried to find a way to make it. Even at a very young age she was quite wise, and clever. She went out and used her cute looks and cunning to raise the money to get the necklace. She went door to door, asking for 100 yen from every house so she could buy an important gift for her sick grandma. Of course that was the scam, and soon had that necklace.

Eventually, she found it quite fun, and was always running about, her little sisters after her, getting money for candy, sweets, and toys. Some people caught on, and chased them off when they approached, but they still fell prey to Tei many tricks. During this time she decided to start going by the name Tewi. While it was a much older way to say her name, she also thought it sounded cuter.

One day, when she was 10, she decided to try and go after a big score. A few towns over she knew there was a warehouse on the bay where a group of Yakuza thugs hung out."No good thugs" Her father called them. Every Friday night they would gather and make bets, have races, and hock items them stole. Her sisters said it was a bad idea, and she should not try to scam them, but Tewi saw this as a great way to make lots of money quickly. So after a few days of planning, she took a bus to the town. She waited in the town till night, and then approached the warehouse. The Yakuza goons were caught off guard by the crying of a little girl outside their hideout. She said that she was lost and needed money to get to the bus station. Using her cute looks, cunning, and flattery they feel right for it. To help her stop crying, the Yakuza played some games with her, and even fed her. She even convinced them to let her play some betting game, and made much more money than just a bus ticket.

However, Tewi got cocky, and as she boarded the bus, she stuck her tongue out at them and called them all fools. This was a bad mistake. They quickly grabbed Tewi, and dragged her back to the warehouse. There they started to beat her. They were greatly insulted by Tewi, they did not take kindly to being tricked. They decided to show what happens when you mess with them, and got ready to kill her. However, right as they pointed a gun at her... it misfired in the guys hand. The guy stumbled back and crashed into a pile of barrels sending them crashing down towards everyone... except for Tewi. The barrels seemed to just miss her on all sides. Tewi then felt excruciating pain in her head and lower back, as a pair of floppy bunny ears and a tail grew out. A yakuza got up and lunged at her, but Tewi then jumped 10 feet into the air and over the man’s head, who then crashed into a TV set. The resulting sparks set the place on fire.

All the commotion causes the police to arrive, and Tewi is able to get away without anyone seeing her. She has no idea what is going on, and quickly runs towards home. She feels extremely light on her feet, and is soon out of that town and running through the forests faster then she has ever ran. The trees were a blur around her as she ran through the night, not once tripping, even though the moon was only a sliver in the sky. When she arrived home, her parents and sisters quickly rushed to see why she was so beaten, and what was going on with those ears and tail. While the parents were scared about what happened to Tewi, they were more happy that she was safe. Her dad, a doctor, tried to find a way get rid of the ears and tail.

Tewi was grounded for 1 month, and was not allowed to leave the property. During that time Tewi discovered that she was now faster, could jump higher, and had better hearing and smell, but that wasn’t what impressed her the most. She found that she could change her or others luck. She had no idea how it worked, but she could notice things just seemed to work out for her. She would find things she thought were lost, find money just on the floor, and even avoided a fly baseball that flew into the yard without even noticing She even found that if she really focused, she can effect the luck of others. It took a lot out of her, but she could cause people’s pants to rip. Tewi decided she liked the bunny look, as it went with her good luck, and her little sisters found it very adorable.

A little over a year later, Tewi and her family were approached by a member of Xavier Institute. She learned of what the place was, and wanted to work on improving her powers. However, she was still learning English, and she knew she would need to know English to really succeed in America… and continue her scamming and pranking. So for 6 months before leaving, she studied long and hard, and by the time she arrived at the school, she was much better. She still doesn’t know all of the words, but she is quite good.


[Tewi is sitting on top of the Statue of Change, eating some moochi that her mom recently sent her from Japan. She kicks her little rabbit shoe covered feet back and forth while she looked around at the people coming and going. Her ears perk up and she looks towards the school. A teacher is quickly making their way towards the statue.]

Oh, time to get scarce.

[She smiles, stuff the rest of the moochi into her mouth and jumps off the statue. She lands without makes a sound and quickly darts towards the maze. She smiles and giggles as she enters the maze. She turns a few corners, then jumps over the edge… and lands on some poor person’s lap]

Well, how lucky you must be to have a cute thing like me landing on your lap.

Tewi laughed as she skipped down the street towards her dorm room. In her hand as a nice stake of ones, profit from her latest scam. She decided to use the training she has been getting on improving her good luck, or how Jean says, “Probability Manipulation.” Man, those are such long words, Tewi thinks to herself. I’m going to keep calling it the power of changing luck.

She thought back on how she first arrived here. Sure she had great luck, but she couldn’t affect other peoples luck very well. She learned that it was some sort of psychic ability, and with mental training she can improve her powers, but it’s something that is very hard to train. Tewi was quite frustrated when she heard this, but she decided to work extra hard. Earlier today in class she succeeded, and right after she went out to use her new powers.

Tewi looked at her money and smiled. Being able to use my powers to manipulate how a dice rolls. Sure, if I had powers like Miss Jean, something like that would be considered easy. But one cannot prove that I did anything to affect the outcome. Not even a psyschic should be able to tell I changed the luck.

Tewi arrived at the Domes and looked up at it. With a smile she said. “Well, time to test if my theory is right.” She smirked and bounded into the dorms.
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