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*Tewi has been running around all of Soviet Mayfield, collecting metal, food, wood, tools, and other things. She was tired of not doing anything and watching those she cares suffer. It's time for the Town to taste Tewi's trickery.

Whenever a drone is around, she acts like a happy, perfect little communist, praising the party leader and cursing the evil capitalist pigs.

When the drones are not, she is building little traps for them, nothing huge since without her bunnies or Youkai strength she couldn't do much, but enough to hinder them. She steals light bulbs, digs small ditches right outside drone's houses and fills them with water so they step in them, and she cuts the drones telephone wires. She is being extremely careful about all this, making sure no drone or member of the party see's her doing this, though normal people(other then anyone that fits in the next paragraph) may spot her doing this. She may be human, but she still is very sneaky.

These tricks are not limited to just drones. The people who have been reporting the others and resulted in their deaths are Targeted by Tewi too. So, when Cynric is out of his house, Tewi plants evidence that he are spies for the capitalists, and tries to get them punished as well. OOC: I got Cynric's permission for this

When Tewi finishes her work, she sits in the park(or what she thinks is the park), and watches her work, feigning innocence to almost anyone who confronts her*
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