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*In the middle of town there is a large stage that was built there in the night. All around it are banner's and Balloon's that say things like, "Vote For Tewi", and "We can give you what you want". There are bunnies hoping around handing out and posting flies that has Tewi dressed like Uncle same. On the stage there is a Podium, and behind it is Tewi, in a nice female office dress she had the bunnies made for her.*

Hello citizens of Mayfield. I am sure you have hear promises being thrown around from some of the other people running for office. They are all telling you how great they are, and why you should vote for them. However, none of them are showing their true colors, and I feel I must tell you all the truth behind these people!

Lets start with Yuuka. She is telling you how she is pure, powerful, and will lead this town to a better place. Don't believe her lies! I come from the world she is from, and she is nothing like that! She is a psycho, who takes pleasure from the pain and suffering of others. She is convinced she is the strongest, even though she gets Owned by Reimu every time. She is even having relationship with a doll! How can we elect a sick person like that?!

Japan may seem like he is a good leader, but do not be swayed by his speeches! he is meek and submissive. If someone strong showed up and threatened him, he would buckle in a second. He would never stand up to the people who have kidnapped us!

Mayor says he is a Mayor back home, and is trying to take this place as well. First of all, that is unconstitutional. Second, he has been here less then a week, and he doesn't know anything about this place. We can't allow someone who knows nothing to become Mayor. Plus, he is an idiot.

Vince Noir may try to convince you that he is right for the job, and that he only cares for the safety of this town. But I have seen thru his lies. All he cares about is his hair! If he was having a bad hair day, he would rather work on that then help us!

America, now this is someone that has no right to ask us to vote for him. He was the "Hero" of this town, voted in by us, but where was he during the riots? Where was he when we were trapped in that bad scifi TV show plot? He wasn't helping us! He wasn't saving us! Sure he may say he was, but he was hiding in his room, crying for his mommy! And don't get me started on Meriken, she's just like America, only female.

Lambdadelta... do I even have to say it? Anyone that has heard her talk know she is a crazy bitch. She wants to bath in candy while watching us kill each other! She found that whole plot a month ago amusing, and wished more of us died!! Does that sound like a good leader?

Now, don't you see that all these people are bad for us? None of them care for the well being of all of us. Fortunately for you, I do care. I care for all of my fellow citizens here. Since coming here, I have started the bunny scouts, and have saved countless lives with the money gotten through donations. My bunnies have helped build rides at the playground, and helped people fix their tools and work on their gardens. I have been making this a better place. During the riot's, I was making sure no one was taken advantage of, and it cost me being hurt by some of the more violent visitors here! I see a better future for this town, and that future is Tewi!

*The rabbits all start cheering and clapping*

Now, I am willing to take any questions my fellow citizens have for me.
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