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Player Name: zferolie
Player Contact: zferolie on AIM(best way to reach me) Plurk: zferolie (so original I know :p)
Characters you have in the game: none

Character Name: Tei “Tewi” Inaba
Character Canon: Touhou Project
Canon Background:

Omegafriends Background: Pretty much the same as her canon background. She is the white hare of Inaba of legend. For generations time she lived in a bamboo forest in Japan, where she grew older, wiser, and became enlightened. While she was there Kaguya and Eirin stumbled into her forest. She promised to assist them if they in turn protected her rabbits.

Over the generations she used her luck powers to keep Kaguya and Eirin safe from anything that could befall them, and kept them well off in the world. When Eientei Pharmaceutical was founded, Tewi’s likeness was used as a Mascot for the children's department. Tewi herself kept out of sight of the public view, opting to run the legal and accounting department. Of course the outside world doesn’t know Tewi runs those or that she has used her luck powers and her rabbit horde to help the company succeed and grew faster than expected. When people visit the building, people just assume she is the daughter of someone in the build, left to run around and play with her pet bunny.

Affiliation: She is a member of Eientei first and foremost. She knows of the Omega friends and will assist if Kaguya or Reisen need it

Personality: Tewi Inaba is a complex person. While she is very old, she does act very childlike. She almost always seems happy and curious. She likes to wander around and try to find things that will amuse her. What amuses her, however, comes from tricking, scamming, or teasing others.

Tewi is a prankster, with her most often target being Reisen. Her pranks range from pitfalls, to giving people the wrong condiment/ingredient/potion/ect, to eating others food, pushing people into holes/lakes, and many others. She would never do any malice pranks, or pranks that would really hurt someone. If a prank goes bad and hurts someone, she can feel guilt, and will apologize to the person. She is willing to prank anyone, but here is how it works in the Eientei household. Kaguya - They're very alike in some ways. They will likely conspire to prank Eirin or Reisen. There’s definitely a friendship there. Eirin - almost maternal-based respect, it seems. She's not above tricking her, though, obviously. Reisen - She's closest to Reisen, and will focus her pranks on her, but Reisen's also her "favorite" in the group, so she's friendly to her as well. To anyone else she spots, it’s far game. Even they are stronger then her, she will prank them, but will be really careful not to get caught.

Tewi is also a scammer. She has scammed quite a few people in her long life, since she has the intelligence for it. One time, she went door to door say she was collecting donations for an random shrine. People gave her money, but the shrine never received the money. When confronted by this, she said that even if she’s scamming them, they will get some happiness, since they are donating. Since she can give people good luck, people are more inclined to give money, hoping for some of that luck. Later though she says all that was a lie, and most likely never gave anyone good luck. She seems to use this money to buy herself food and toys, or to further increase her scams and money making ability.

Tewi also cares for her family, even if she scams/pranks them. She will defend her family with force if need be. Even though she is not really related to any other member of Eientei, and that she was living in the forest way before they even moved there, she has gotten close to them like a real family. She also is not cruel, and will step in if she sees something very bad going down, like a youkai about to eat a little girl. She would propose a way to save the girl and get food for the youkai at the same time. She is thinking long term as well when she helps people. She is quite good at calculating how something can turn in for her favor in the future, even if she may come out with a lose at the present.

Powers: Enhanced Hearing: Being a Rabbit Youkai Tewi has a much better sense of hearing then a normal human.
Enhanced Speed and Jumping: She can run much faster(about 40MPH) and jump higher(about 3 stories) then a normal human.
Flight: She can fly, but at a slower speed then her running speed.
Lasers: Tewi can fire lasers and magical bullets to defend herself.
Long life and youth: Tewi is over 1300 years old, but still looks like a child. This is due to being a Youkai, but also due to being an enlightened creature. 1300 years old is pretty old for even most youkais.
Luck Manipulation: As stated by herself, her luck is like finding a 40 leaf clover. She can manipulate it to effect herself and others.


Notes: (Anything else you'd like to mention?)


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