Apr. 14th, 2010

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*Tewi is sounds very excited as she picks up the phone.*

Hey everybody! I got my ability to give people extremely good luck back. I'm sure quite a few of you need some, so I'm willing to give people some... for a small fee or a favor of course. Come to my house and We will discuss it!*

*Tewi hangs up and bounds down the stairs... and traps and falls right on her face.*

That was odd...

*Tewi gets back up and heads outside, waiting for people to come receive good luck...*

OOC: Now, Normally Tewi can give good luck to people for an hour, and basically they will have extremely good luck, like finding a 40 leaf clover. This could normally even help against fighting NPC's or escape attempts, but the mods have to decide if it does or not on a case by case basis. Sadly, due to the event going on... Tewi gives out extremely Bad luck. Also, she seems to give it out without control, so if you post here, be prepared for that character to have very bad luck for the next hour. If you don't want it, just say so in the post and tewi can fail to give it to you.


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